Ayahuasca Part 9

The next morning I woke up and didn’t know what time it was and couldn’t care less. It was the first time I had woken up without an alarm in probably months and it felt amazing. I didn’t check my phone for emails or texts or to see what everyone posted on instagram since I had fallen asleep. I just…got up. What a concept.

I looked at the little table that sat outside my front door and there was a plate of fresh fruit and a mason jar full of tea waiting for me. Half excited and half thinking (I need to consume this before the baddies in the woods smell this and get it first) I quickly grabbed it and brought it into the crib. The fruit was insane. So fresh and juicy and they served it every single morning. Watermelons, strawberries, bananas, plantains and a bunch I’m not completely sure I ever found out the names of. The tea was also quite good. And I’m not much (at all) of a tea drinker but I downed every glass of that stuff.

After chilling out for a bit I made my trek to the main area in time for breakfast to be served. We all gathered in the dining area and Martine joined us as well, hanging out just outside the mesh netting. He then began furiously masturbating for us. Apparently monkeys get morning wood as well (they’re just like little people!) I thought that little monkey was gonna rip his little monkey off.

After the food and the show were over we sat in the waiting area to meet the Shaman who would be guiding us on our spiritual journeys. Apparently we had already met as the man who had been driving our boat and helping us with our luggage approached and introduced himself as the Shaman. Not exactly what I had pictured in my head. Definitely expected more of a headdress than a Toronto Police hat but hey, the guy had kept me alive for a 2 hour boat trip through the jungle, why not a 3-4 hour trip through my own head. Alongside him was an older man who was also a Shaman but would be acting as a backup Shaman? Or something? I wasn’t really sure at this point but the second guy just kinda smiled and laughed a lot and didn’t say much. Dude seemed really peaceful.

After a brief meeting we all got up one by one to meet with the Shaman(plural) and Michelle Pfeiffer (who also acted as a wonderful translator) to discuss what our intentions were with taking Ayahuasca.

AJ went first and discussed how throughout her career she had seen some of the worst sides of humanity and was feeling super depressed because of it.

J Balvin spoke about a heroin addiction that he had no other idea on how to kick.

Then it was my turn.

I didn’t mention in previous posts my reasons for being here. There were two things about myself that I wanted to change and was curious what the root causes were

  • I could not accept compliments, praise, or love well. I would often get mad at people for being nice to me.
  • I had a huge problem with self-sabotage. Every time I got close to success in career, relationships, personal development etc, I would just kind of get in my own way.

But after hearing about the others intentions mine just seemed silly and I expressed this to the Shaman. He told me that my problem was mine and that I should not compare my problems to others. He also said that it was indeed a small problem for now but would eventually become a big issue as I got older. He also assured me that it would be an easy problem for us to work through together.

After lunch and being cleansed (the Shaman poured buckets of cold herbal water on us which was super refreshing and smelled amazing) we were told to spend the day relaxing and reflecting on our intentions.

As the sun set the staff would be retrieving us from our huts for our first Ayahuasca ceremony.

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